There are plenty of farmers and crafts markets for you to enjoy in the Cotswolds, as well as Fairford's own market days. 

Fairford Market Days


The Fairford Outdoor Market:

Wednesdays, 9am - 2pm

Stalls include:

Card stall – with over 5,000 cards, children’s annuals, puzzle books, most newspapers and magazines – run by Dave “The Oracle” – totally up to date on current affairs, and clearly able to remember 99% of people’s birthdays, anniversaries, and what type of diary they bought from him 2 years ago. It is said that Dave has more knowledge stored than The Bodleian library.

Pet stall – pet treats, wildlife feeders and all manner of wildlife feeds; decades of knowledge about wildlife habits and how best to look after most animals.

Fish Stall – An amazing array of fresh Grimsby fish, Ocean and freshwater delicacies, run by non-other than The Cod Father, back from years sailing the Seven Seas to bring us his produce, knowledge, and special brand of humour.

Bread Stall – All manner of fresh bread, cakes, biscuits and pies.  Everyone though John Lennon was dead, but here he is selling bread, in Fairford. Our John always personable, it is rumoured not only once played in a band, but also has sold ice to Eskimos in his early career.

Plant Stall –  Flowers and vegetables grown on his own nursery in Tewksbury Cyril, the “New Boy” took over in his 74th year from Dave,- who retired in his 74th year. Cyril has grown and marketed his own plants all his life, and like Dave before him, has an amazing knowledge about all aspects of gardening. Cyril also makes his own wreaths for the Christmas period.

Household Stall – Over 1,000 products for the home available. Tracey personally selects and has knowledge about every product she sells. Numerous cleaning and hygiene goods; loads of little additional things which you just cannot find in high street shops. Mostly on display, but also displaying extra seasonal goods for the garden, some clothing accessories such as her much sought after gloves and socks.

Cheese Stall – Over 200 cheeses from around the UK and Europe, also eggs, bacon, ham, pickles and preserves. Globetrotting Ken has been selling cheese for over 30 years and has a tremendous knowledge of flavours, complimentary and individual. He sells several cheeses that, outside of Fortnum and Mason and Harrods, are simply not available on the high street.

Vegetable Stall – A fantastic display of fresh vegetables; our market stall is run by a large retailer, ensuring lots of different seasonal products from all over the world are available, backed by a thorough knowledge of different tastes, and cooking styles.

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The Fairford Festive Market:

This market runs once a year at Christmas in the Market Place around the Christmas Tree, usually on the first Friday in December. There is a wide range of stalls selling a variety of festive foods and gifts, plus street entertainment throughout the evening including a children’s entertainer, with juggling,a choir, fairground rides and a visit from Father Christmas.